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Recreation and Entertainment

Kenepuru Landing recreational activities abound.

Offering endless recreational options, there are a multitude of parks and playgrounds, cycle ways and walkways and a plethora of facilities and amenities.  All of this within easy reach of Kenepuru Landing;  indeed it is fair to say that a car is an accessory, not a necessity here.

Whether for sport or leisure there really is something to suit everybody and every taste - from the activity lovers to the culture vultures to the foodies. Indiscriminate of age, the old and the young alike have their pick of pursuits to enjoy.

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  • Marine and Aquatic

You couldn't pick a better location.  Kenepuru Landing is only minutes from almost every type of water sport you can think of.

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  • Sports and Pastimes

There's nothing more exciting as a youngster than the discovery of a new playground yet to be explored.  As you grow older the excitement lies in following your passion of sport or chosen activity.

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  • Arts/Culture/Social

Porirua is a city rich in cultural diversity.  This is reflected in the facilities and venues it has to offer.

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  • Adventure

Walkways, cycleways, parks, reserves and an abundance of outdoor activities are scattered throughout Porirua City and in close vicinity to Kenepuru Landing.

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